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Our Love Story - Michelle Singleton

Michelle Singleton lost her battle with cancer in October 2005, and I lost my best friend of fourteen years. Michelle was a 32-year-old mother of four. She loved life, and she loved her kids. She never had much money, but she always provided for her children. 

She decorated the kid's rooms and she planned simple trips to the zoo or to nearby Northern Arizona so the kids could play in snow. Her kids were her priority, and she was a wonderful example of a mother to me and everyone around her.
(Michelle with 3 of her children and pregnant with her youngest 2003)
It was devastating to see her suffer through the physical effects of chemo treatment, along with the inability to spend quality time with her children. Witnessing her treatment and untimely death started me down a path searching for something that would give meaning to what seemed a senseless end to such a special life of a mother and friend.

After Michelle passed, I wanted to help a mom just like her. I wanted to make that mom’s life easier so she could spend more time with her kids and less time worrying about cleaning, cooking and paying bills. I found that mom, a woman named Aracelli, at the oncology unit where Michelle had received her treatments.

 I co-founded the non-profit organization Singleton™ Moms in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ.  After five years and helping over 100 parents, I left the organization and moved to beautiful Portland, OR. where I am ready to help parents again.

With the help of my sister Bobby, financial contributions from Michelle Singleton’s mother, our family and friends, Michelle's Love has been established. We are excited to be able to continue the love that began in Phoenix to help more single-parent families than ever struggling with cancer.

With love,
Mrs. Andy Royal McCandless
Founder  & Michelle's BFF
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