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Moms we have helped


"Thank you so much for all the great work Michelle's Love does to provide assistance and support to single mom's with cancer. This is an amazing 
and one-of-a-kind organization and has made my cancer journey a bit easier to bare. I am humbled and grateful for all the love and support
have received."~ Monica L.

“Michelle's Love became my lifeline.  They stepped in to help when I was too sick to help myself.  The financial support literally provided a roof over our heads.  The emotional support kept me from feeling like I was in this battle alone. They adopted us into this amazing, compassionate, and humble family of love.  I will be forever grateful for their tangible and emotional support for my daughter and I while I fought a fierce war.  Now I am on the other side and want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.”  "I am blown away by your love and support.  I am so very grateful."~ Jennifer W.

“Michelle's Love was there when I needed financial and emotional support. When cancer strikes, life stands still and all you can think about is, how am I going to make it? Thanks to this organization and the people behind it, my family and I were able to not only make it, but to see hope and love in action.”

~Patti Jay

"I can sleep tonight."~ Desiree

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