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Love Notes

"I applaud your dedication Andy and Bobby. Without your drive, determination, and (slightly crazy) energy there would be much less love in the world. Not only do you help these mothers in crisis but you are helping us, the volunteers, too. You're healing us as well." ~ Stephen (Our favorite ML man volunteer)

“Michelle's Love was there for me and my two girls when I really needed emotional and financial help. They put my mind at ease. I did not have to think about some of my bills, my house being clean and food on my table. The volunteers always put a big smile on my girl’s faces. I just want to say thank you for everything and we really appreciate everything you all did for us.  We miss seeing you guys.”~Winsome, Camille, & Shanice. (Our second Michelle's Love Mom)

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 27th 2012, I am a single grandmother raising a 4 year old and a 18 year old boy when I was diagnosed I had no idea how I was going to continue taking care of my responsibilities. The social worker at Providence hospital put Michelle’s Love in touch with me. After that day they came to my home and took over some of my stress. They brought some dinners, purchased some ridiculously priced supports for my arm, they set up my gas stove for repair, paid my utilities, then when I sold my home and needed to move through the worst part of my chemo they organized 17 volunteers and moved me off a floating home to my new home. I don’t know what I would have done without the love and constant giving of this organization.  These people are so wonderful and self motivated and to never even expect anything in return. I am so thankful and love all of them.”~Flo (Our Fifth Michelle's Love Mom)

"I work for a local utility company (NW Natural) and was fortunate enough to have taken a payment from Michelle's love, that benefited one of their mothers.  Interesed in what type of organization Michelle's love was, I googled search Michelle's Love and instantly knew this organization was one I wanted and needed to support.  All they do and have done for single mothers fighing for their lives really touched mine and my wifes heart! "~Tyler & Lindsey 

"I am so thankful to have been a part of this today and feel so rewarded by the experience! Thank you!!"~Tammy Volunteer

"Thank you for being so available and helping us get into a safe and peaceful place.  I have inexpressible amounts of appreciation to your foundation."
 ~ Tessy ML Mom

"The people who think they are wealthy in monetary terms cannot buy, with all their money, the love and kindness we received today in the form of Michelle's Love. Any group with that much positive karma going for them can't help but being successful. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Andy and Bobby and all the volunteers who gave my daughter the best medicine ever today."~ Jill (Our Mom Christine's Mother)

"I couldn't sleep last night feeling overwhelmed/grateful/blessed by all the things Michelle's Love has done for us."~ Monica ML Mom

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