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Who We Are Helping at Michelle's Love

October 2018 parents who are receiving our services.
  Mike ~ N. Portland

Our First official ML Dad!  
Mike has completed surgery and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Colon Cancer while taking care of his 9 year old son. 

Shannon~ Tigard, OR

Shannon was diagnosed with Breast cancer in November 2017.  She lives at home with her 9 & 18 year old sons.  

Denise ~ Gresham, OR

Recently Diagnosed with Breast Cancer she is scheduled for surgery 9/26 and will follow with radiation.  She lives with her two daughters 14 and 7. 
   Danielle ~ Central Phoenix, AZ

Diagnosed with stage three Breast Cancer in Feb 2018.  She is currently undergoing chemotherapy
, followed by surgery, and possible radiation.  She lives at home with 15 year old son.
  Audrey ~ SE Portland

Audrey is being treated for Breast Cancer while living with her two preteen children.
(She is not picture because of privacy issues)
  Tori~ Willsonville, OR 
Tori is being treated for Breast Cancer a second time.  
She lives at home with her 3 young children.
(Pictured with Founder and Arizona Care Director)

Cadynna~ SW Portland
Cadynna was diagnosed with Breast Cancer June 2017, has completed a Mastectomy and will start Chemotherapy followed by radiation ending in December.  She lives at home with her 14 year old daughter.  Her 18 year old daughter is away at college.

 Tiffany~ El Mirage, AZ

Tiffany lives in Arizona with her teenage daughter.  She being treated for stage 4 Breast Cancer.

Stephanie~ West NE Portland

Stephanie lives at home with her 3 young sons and is being treated for
Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Her chemo and radiation treatments are scheduled through October.

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