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Who We Are Helping at Michelle's Love

  Cortnee~ Beaverton

Cortnee was diagnosed with breast cancer this past March.  She lives with her 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter.  Surgery for a Double Mastectomy is scheduled for 5/15.  She will then find out if further treatment is necessary.
We are going to pay her full rent, water, and trash for the Month of June along with meals for recovery.  

  Nancy~ Beaverton

Nancy lives at home with her 11 year old son and is being treated for Breast Cancer.

Nancy's Meals are sponsored by: 

  Mary ~ SE Portland

Mary is an original ML Mom who is back on service with us after her 2nd diagnoses of Myeloma Cancer.  She lives in her home with her two teenage kids and is currently recovering from a second stem cell transplant.
  Kristi ~ NE Portland

Kristi is being treated again for a brain tumor.  She will complete 5 more weeks of radiation followed by a year of chemotherapy starting November 2016.  She lives at home with her two daughters. 
Shaw ~ Oregon City

Diagnosed January of 2017 with Breast Cancer.  Shaw  lives at home with 18 year old daughter who is a senior in high school and her 13 year old son .  She has started chemotherapy with will be followed by radiation ending in July.
Anabel~ West Valley Phoenix, AZ
We are able to help one mom at a time in Arizona.
Please contact if you have any questions.

Anabel lives at home with her 9 year old daughter, 6 year and 1 year old sons.  
She is being treated for Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer.  She will be undergoing chemotherapy treatments through May followed by radiation ending in June. 

(Our First Michelle's Love Mom in Arizona.  We are able to help this mom with the funds raised by the Spring Fever Golf Tournament.  Bobby our Care Manger resides in Phoenix and will be heading up her care.)

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